USS Vandenberg

— Florida Keys, USA

Keel down in 140 feet of water just six miles off Key West, Florida, the USS Vandenberg is a thrilling bookend to the Florida Keys Wreck Trek. At 523-feet-long, the former missile-tracking ship deserves more than a single dive (no seeing end-to-end on this beauty). “All the pillows are fluffier,” jokes Joe Weatherby, project manager during the 2009 scuttling, referring to the superstructure’s growth. Hulking barracuda, here from the start, still lurk. Look for enormous goliath grouper near the bow, and baitballs of scad, which attract schools of hunting wahoo and jacks. A swim through the satellite dish remains the obligatory rite of passage. — Terry Ward

Dive This Now: Vandenberg – FL Keys

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